project nov 012

One of the best parts of working with kids (apart from their tremendous energy and enthusiam!) is getting to be creative.  We made this fun little three-quarter fold book a couple of weeks ago, and the kids loved it.

To make the book, you take a single piece of paper and fold it in four.  Then, you cut out the top left-hand section, leaving you with 3/4 of the paper.  project nov 007

On right-hand side on the bottom, we copied a short story from the whiteboard.  On the left-hand side, the students drew a picture to go with their story.

project nov 025

The top flap folds down, and we wrote some of the vocabulary words from the story with their definitions.

project nov 029

Finally, we folded the last flap “book-style” and wrote the title and author on the front. A small black-and-white photo completed the personalization, and their book, complete with vocabulary, was ready to take home.

project nov 030

For the photos, I took headshots of each of my students and prepared a Word document with the resized images in a single-page layout. I left the images in color in the document and used Word’s “print in grayscale” feature to print it out. I could have printed it out in color, but I printed several sheets to use in several different projects, so the bw option was a fun detail without breaking the bank. Once the page was printed, I cut out the pictures and handed them out for the kids to glue onto their books.

One of the things I liked about this project, apart from the fact that it was so much fun to make (definitely more fun than writing on notebook paper!) was that the fold-down flap gave them a place to write out vocabulary words with their translations. That way, even when they took the books home, they would have an easy way to remember what the story said.

My kids are five and six years old, but you could certainly do this project with older students as well.  Students with more English practice could even make up their own stories to go inside the books.


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