Sometimes, it can be hard to find good resources on lapbooks for ELLs.  The internet is full of amazing lapbooking and notebooking resources, but all too often, I find a really neat idea, only to realize that parts of it are just too complicated for my ELLs.  Usually what I end up doing is taking part and leaving the rest.

That’s what we’ve been doing this week in the classroom with this super-cool cooking lapbook from Homeschool Share:

Some parts of it are just way over my kids’ heads.  No way am I going to try to explain “carbohydrates” when they’re still struggling to memorize the word “food”!  Comparing and contrasting different kinds of bakeware is also out.

However, there were parts that we definitely enjoyed putting together; the crock of kitchen vocabulary, for example, was super fun; we wrote vocabulary words in English on the handles (not the bowls!) of the spoons, and then rather than writing the word in Spanish, we drew pictures on the bowls of the spoons.  Then we colored them and cut them out and put them in our crocks.

We also did the “Come on In” page, writing a short story about a kitchen rather than about a hostess (again, it’s almost the end of the year, and there’s no sense in introducing too many new words.).

I’ll try to post pictures a little bit later.  Right now I’m off to see how many ideas I can make up for tomorrow’s Bible Club class on Hannah and Samuel.



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