Aaand, it’s over!

Today was officially the last day of  classroom work for me until February.  The classroom has been cleaned, materials put away, and the list of materials turned in to the office.  Now to try to make some sense of my poor craft room/office here at home!

As promised, here are the pictures for the board games. First I painted them over with a base coat of white. On the first one I used stickers to decorate it, but you could also easily print off any design you wanted and glue it on. A coat of resin will finish the whole thing off as soon as the glitter glue dries, and then I’ll print off and laminate colorful cards with pictures from their vocabulary words on them.

The kids can then sort the cards by short-vowel sound, and hopefully have fun doing it.  I love the sparkles!

I would like to make something like this for my Sunday School classroom, but for sequencing; perhaps make numbered squares on the board, and matching minicards of the illustrations (I LOVE because you can download the .pdf to print off for illustrations and also the .jpg files to use to make games and activities to reinforce learning!) so that students can put them in order.  I could even make two and have them split into two teams and race to put the cards in order…the possibilities are endless!


Today’s the day….

Today we have our Kindergarten graduation.  The last ten months of learning and preparing have all come down to today.  It’s also the end-of-school closing program, AND the Christmas program all rolled into one!  Talk about a lot on your plate!

In school a couple of weeks ago, the kids made Christmas wreaths out of leftover puzzle pieces.  (We had to cannibalize a couple of whole puzzles this year, because surprise, surprise, NONE of the puzzles were missing pieces!!  In the five-year-old class!  Can you believe it? And they’ve played with them throughout the school year!)

The project turned out beautifully.  (So beautiful, in fact, that I took the idea and made it for my Sunday School class, as well.)

december  04 002

The project originally called for sequins, but I used buttons instead; they were bigger and more colorful, and gave more “pop” to the wreath.  A cardboard cutout of the nativity scene and its matching “Merry Christmas” sticker and it was set to go!  (I did put a sparkly hanger, not shown in the photo.)

But then the question became….what to do with the lovely wooden boards left over from the puzzles?  I wasn’t about to throw them away!  I’ve been painting them over with a white base coat, and I will be repurposing them in the next few weeks and turning them into board games for next year’s classroom.  Stay tuned for pictures!