Today we have our Kindergarten graduation.  The last ten months of learning and preparing have all come down to today.  It’s also the end-of-school closing program, AND the Christmas program all rolled into one!  Talk about a lot on your plate!

In school a couple of weeks ago, the kids made Christmas wreaths out of leftover puzzle pieces.  (We had to cannibalize a couple of whole puzzles this year, because surprise, surprise, NONE of the puzzles were missing pieces!!  In the five-year-old class!  Can you believe it? And they’ve played with them throughout the school year!)

The project turned out beautifully.  (So beautiful, in fact, that I took the idea and made it for my Sunday School class, as well.)

december  04 002

The project originally called for sequins, but I used buttons instead; they were bigger and more colorful, and gave more “pop” to the wreath.  A cardboard cutout of the nativity scene and its matching “Merry Christmas” sticker and it was set to go!  (I did put a sparkly hanger, not shown in the photo.)

But then the question became….what to do with the lovely wooden boards left over from the puzzles?  I wasn’t about to throw them away!  I’ve been painting them over with a white base coat, and I will be repurposing them in the next few weeks and turning them into board games for next year’s classroom.  Stay tuned for pictures!


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