Last week, we started studying the Fruit of the Spirit in Sunday School.

Unlike EFL lapbooks, there are PLENTY of resources out there for the Fruit of the Spirit!  (Unfortunately, they mainly use different fruits, which is really confusing for little kids, so it’s probably best to find one you really like and stick with it.)

Since I work in Spanish in Sunday School, I’ve been using the materials from De Los Tales, which you can find here:

This could also be a GREAT resource if you’re wanting to start an outreach to Hispanic kids in your neighborhood or if you’re going on a missions trip to a place that already has an established church.

Last week, I made a huge tree out of craft paper and crepe paper and hung it on the back wall of the classroom.  I also printed off wall borders from Danielle’s Place (I used the “Multiple” funcion in Acrobat Reader DC to print off two to a page; the border is a little smaller that way, about two inches, and you get more to a page!).  I used the “save ink or toner” option and printed them off in color, but there is also a black and white option available.



Danielle’s Place has the first lesson of the Fruit of the Spirit free, and there are SEVERAL more patterns here:

Now, the fruits are different from the fruits on De Los Tales.  This is sad and unfortunate, but not the end of the world.  For the border, it doesn’t really matter much, because my littles can’t read yet (well, the six-year-old is starting to sound out words, but he’s not the sort to go around reading words on walls and pointing out that they’re different from the words on the giant craft paper tree….I’ve had kids in school who would definitely do that, but I don’t have any of them in Sunday School right now.  🙂 ).

We’re also using the fruit bowl as a memory verse chart; one fruit for every verse they learn over the next nine weeks.  Unfortunately, there they probably will notice that the fruits are different, so I’m just making them the closest I can (this works, because the patterns for the fruit tree don’t actually have the names written on them…therefore the strawberry becomes Love, the apple is Joy, the grapes are Peace, just like on De Los Tales.  And with the fruits that are actually different (like the tomato, for example….who uses a tomato for one of the fruits of the Spirit? I know it’s technically a berry, but I still wouldn’t put it in a fruit salad…) we’re just going to go with what we have, and if they ask why it’s different, oh, well!  It will be a great opportunity to explain that the Fruit of the Spirit isn’t really fruit at all (although we did that in the first lesson) and that we just represent it using whatever fruits we happen to like!


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