School started back last week, which means life has been busy, busy, busy!  We did a “Dive into Learning” classroom theme in K5 this year…I can’t wait to post pictures!  It turned out beautifully!

Every year brings a new group of kids, and sometimes it can be hard to keep from comparing one group with another.  This year’s class is much more challenging than last year’s was, and getting them to pay attention long enough to learn ANYTHING is an uphill battle.  In times like this, I think it’s important to step back and remember that each child is an individual, and no matter how distracted or mischievious or downright difficult they are, they ALL need love and attention.  (And they CAN learn….it’s just going to take a lot more time and creativity!)

Over the next few weeks, I plan to post some of the ideas I’ve been coming up with for teaching difficult classes….and whether or not they worked!  Stay tuned!


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