Evaluations have come and gone.  Mother’s Day has come and gone.  Now we’re back to our daily routines.

I don’t know about you, but I love routines.  They give me (and my kids!) a sense of comfort and security.  I like knowing exactly what I need to do and when, and they do, too!  Which is not to say we never do anything different; we do.  But they’re exceptions, not the norm, which of course is what makes it so fun.

And routines seem to make it easier to keep order in the class (a DEFINITE plus when your class is 2/3 boys!!).  I’m really pleased with the progress K5 is making as far as order and attention goes.  We still have about six kids who are struggling in those areas, but it’s a lot better than the fifteen or sixteen we had last year!  It helps that they’re “growing up,” too.  (I know they’re only 5, but when you work in kindergarten/preschool, 5 years old are the big kids on the block!)


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