Next week we start learning to spell in K5.  More than anything else, we start learning about the concept of spelling, and the focus is on using the letter names, rather than the letter sounds.

To help with the concept, I’ve made some spelling puzzles out of craft foam.  (Or, rather, out of corrospun, which is like craft foam but glossy and easy to write on.)  I love the corrospun because it’s easy to cut and work with, but also easy for the kids to handle and work with.  (Plus, it comes in such bright, fun colors!)

I made the letters in cursive, because our students start learning cursive from kindergarten.  (I’ve read some very persuasive articles which suggest that kids should actually learn cursive BEFORE they learn print, but ours start with print in K3 and K4, then move up to cursive in K5.)

I love how the puzzles are turning out, and I can’t wait to play – erm, I mean, work – with them next week.  🙂


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