My kids have been struggling with following along in their readers.  With other classes, I’ve always stressed following along with their fingers until they get the hang of reading along, but this class is definitely more hyper and easily distracted.  So I decided to try making them place markers.  These are not bookmarks – they’re made of tongue depressors, they’re too thick for bookmarks – but rather for students to place under the text being read, and help them be more aware of where they are in the book.

They were super easy and really fun to make; I just painted tongue depressors white, then doodled on them with Sharpies.  I covered them with packing tape to keep them from smudging.  They’re much brighter and cheerier in real life; I couldn’t get a good picture of them, unfortunately.

The thickness of the tongue depressors makes them perfect for little hands.  And there’s just something about the combination of the hardness of the wood and the slickness of the packing tape, I can’t keep my fingers off them!  (Miss Keesa just may use one in her reading circle, too!)  Plus, the bright colors will (I hope!!) help keep the kids focused on their reading, at least for a little while!


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