I don’t think anyone has ever been as excited as I am to be back to school.  I just LOVE the start of the year.  I love seeing the kids again, I love the school supplies and the little lunchboxes all lined up in a row.  I especially love being back to teaching English and getting to put into practice all the new ideas that I’ve gathered over the course of the summer!

This summer I have discovered gold-tone spray paint.  Did you know that when you spray-paint lima beans, they look EXACTLY like little gold nuggets?  I love it!  We will be using our “nuggets” for everything from counting to Bingo this year, and I can’t wait!

I’ve also been using white spray paint on my bottle caps to give me a writeable surface.  Last year I tried painting each one with acrylic paint (talk about time-consuming!!) but the acrylic paint quickly peeled off (I just HATE spending all that time for nothing, don’t you?).  This year I just set the bottle caps out and sprayed lightly over them.  If nothing else, it was at least faster….we’ll see if it’s any more durable!

I use my bottlecaps as a hands-on way to practice forming syllables and words.

Can I just say again how excited I am to be back in school?  It’s great!


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